Erik Owen Wellness Through Intention

Erik Owen Wellness Through IntentionErik Owen Wellness Through Intention


January 16, 2018, Jennifer G. (Speaking about Reiki Session) Words are inadequate to describe the savory and deep experience of sinking into yourself. Rarely do we have the time and access to a trained and trusted friend who can lead us into ourselves. The in body experience controlled with an outer body experience may not provide profound and articulated thoughts but the sense of wholeness and well-being transcends speech or even rational expression like your body is one element.


April 17, 2015, Justin M.  Erik is one of those rare individuals who takes ownership of his craft with the desire to be a domain expert. A very rare thing to find of anybody today in our world of punch in clocks and 8 hour a day standards. I am an individual who is very hard on my body. I identify myself as a martial artist of 7 years. I have been a semi heavy weightlifter in the past reaching maxes of around 300+ pounds on my big 3 lifts. I threw in the towel when the injuries begun to outweigh the benefits of being big. I have ran many races - 5ks, obstacle courses, and mini marathons running 20-40 miles a week when training. I have two injuries: back pain from a twisted vertebra weight training a year back and overused hip muscles and tendinosis from martial arts. Erik Owen’s has helped me just as much if not more in 3 one hour sessions then doctors and physical therapist have over a 6 month period. His massage helps loosen locked up muscle and remove deep scar tissue I've had a hard time hitting with stretching and personal massage. Best of all he has taught me things about muscle and care of my body no doctor would take the time to explain putting his services at a much higher value than he charges.

Erik’s Comment: Your words speak of the passion I embrace as a professional bodyworker. This only pushes me to achieve more for my patients, and, as a result, providing better care for them as I tend to listen more than most practitioners. Not to mention, I tend to get more results.......

September 25, 2015, Susan G. Ok, so I never push and praise businesses unless they're truly unique and worthy of the praise... There are a lot of massage options out there, but I have to share with everyone that Erik Owen is an incredibly rare find... He's a licensed massage therapist and Bodyworker. Found him on last night and he managed to squeeze me in his crazy schedule this morning. He promised me that he'd 'fix' me during our 1st session. Well, he sure did!! He used techniques on me that I've never had done before - ever! He treats the problems that CAUSE the actual problem. He just doesn't do massages, but so much more... My neck, back, legs, shoulders & well-being are loose, they don't hurt and he delivered exactly what he guarantees, Results. Btw, he is 1 out of 26 in the entire nation that's trained through the advanced courses... He also was personally trained by John Barnes, the creator of Myofascial Release.

December 4, 2016, Sharon G.  Unbelievable! Erik is simply AMAZING. A true healer in every sense of the word. I came to him a few months ago for severe lower back pain. He was going to be my last stop before seeking out a spinal surgeon. I tried EVERYTHING! OT, PT, Chiropractors and muscle relaxers and nothing was working. You will love Erik the first time you meet him. He is really funny and puts you at ease immediately. He is very thorough and genuinely cares deeply about each patient. He wastes no time finding the root of the problem and then attacking it. Sometimes that means pain. His Deep Tissue massage is quite intense at times. After the 3rd session, I felt I could let go and trust him and breathe through the pain.  What really helped me was a technique he did called myofascial release. Now, because of weekly sessions with Erik, my mobility is so much better! As a result, I'm active again! Working out, boxing, jogging and not getting locked up anymore!! I don't even need meds now! Erik is 100% devoted to your health and well-being. He's a true healer of people, much more than a massage therapist! I feel so blessed to have found such a special and gifted therapist so close-by!

June 24, 2019, Erin. I booked an appointment with Erik because I was having PMS symptoms – my legs felt like tree trunks from retaining water and bloating, my abdomen was cramping, my lower back was so tight that I couldn’t stand up straight and I was crabby and irritable. He worked on my feet and lower leg area primarily in specific target points and a little on my lower back and when I left the appointment I felt like a new woman. My legs felt normal and relaxed, my lower back pain was gone and I could walk standing up straight and the severe cramping in my lower abdomen was gone and it felt lighter, more spacious and relaxed. My period was much lighter and more manageable and I wasn’t such a crank. Thank you! What a relief, I definitely recommend Erik to relieve the uncomfortable monthly cycle pain and discomfort women experience. 

July 18, 2015, Keith W.  Erik has a deep desire to help others and this passion takes his work to another level. Not to mention his knowledge, training, and experience is top notch. Erik genuinely cares about your health above everything else. I was injured in a car accident 20 yrs ago and sought many types of treatment over the years but in just 2 sessions with Eric I'm experiencing relief of my chronic pain that surpasses all the others. Thanks Erik!

August 16, 2014, Jeff L.   Outstanding massage!!! Highly, Highly Recommend!!! Erik relieved chronic pain in my legs. I have chronic pain from running several marathons. Erik used techniques on my legs that no other therapist has performed. Erik was easy to talk too. Erik taught me a stretch that I now perform at home. I am amazed how this simple stretch is helping my chronic pain. I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Erik.

February 22, 2015, James L. I've had many painful physical issues. Erik has a vast knowledge of techniques and the talent to select and use what is appropriate to the task. He is sensitive to how much pressure is appropriate and what is tolerable/enjoyable to his clients. His office had fresh lilies. Friendly professional relaxing atmosphere. The most important: Vastly reduced pain--and that is what it's all about. Yes I recommend his work. Yes I'm going back.

July 17, 2018, Charles L. This was my wife's birthday surprise, and she had the best massage that she ever had. Erik was awesome professional and very punctual. I will be requesting him again!!!!!

August 1, 2015, Melissa V.  Exactly what I needed! After months of working out with my trainer and lifting a 40 lb toddler every day, my shoulders and neck were in knots! So much so that I could not move my head side-to-side without pain. I reached out to Erik after Googling "Best Massage Therapist In Indy". Erik's name came up first, I was impressed by his experience and credentials. Even better, he really cares about making you feel better and he is so skilled as a therapist. My massage was a pure blessing: a complete healing. My shoulder muscles were a little sore after my 90-minute appointment. But by the following day, all of my pain was gone... Thanks Erik!

August 28, 2015, Scott R.  I was trying to get some relief from muscle spasms in my lower back. I have done deep tissue massage previously but Erik uses a lot of stretching to help. I had my doubts at first but based on his previous reviews I took the chance and went to Erik. I am extremely happy I took the chance. Erik was able to provide immediate relief for by lower back and get my range of motion back to normal. The stretching was uncomfortable but Erik does a great job communicating throughout the session about what he is doing and why and making sure his client is okay. I could not be happier with the results. He did warn me I would be sore the next couple of days and he was correct. I am sore - but the good sore, not hunched up in pain unable to bend or twist sore. I strongly recommend anyone who is experiencing pain to give Erik a try. His approach is not the usual but he gets extraordinary results.

December 4, 2016, Steve T.  I I have a problem with adhesive capsulitis (aka Frozen Shoulder) of my right shoulder. Having had this with my left shoulder 4 years ago, I knew that I had to have massage therapy. This particular therapy is to get the sheathing that surrounds a muscle to "detach" from the sheathing that surrounds the muscles that are to glide over each other. The problem is inflammation (capsulitis -- the shoulder "capsule" is inflamed) -- and so it appears that the muscles connected to the tendons become involved. Normal, regular massage doesn't address this. And as painful as a frozen shoulder is, if you wait too long to do this, the first massage is rather painful (I waited too long because no one here in the Indy area seems to do this type of massage....). But it gets better with each session. Glad I found this therapist, I will be going back about once a week until the inflammation stops (looks like I am close to the end of this).

May 2, 2017, Mark B.  Erik provided a 60 minute deep tissue massage. I had a lot of restriction in my upper back and he was able to work a lot of it out. It was one of the most intense massages I have ever had, but I needed the knots worked out and Erik definitely knew what he was doing. After a few days I felt great and was loosened up. If you have knots you can't get rid of come see Erik!

December 15, 2016, Wendy S. Erik listened when I explained my shoulder issues and concerns and then went to work on them. He took the time to explain what he was doing and how it would help my shoulder as he worked on me. After one visit I have much less pain and greater range of motion.  

April 30, 2018, Fred F. Dynamic approach to Bodywork.

February 13, 2018, Kent N. Intuitive skills combined with extensive training and great hands and arms in a peaceful, relaxing setting.


July 21, 2017, Anonymous Thumbtack Customer Erik was a serendipitous discovery of an immediate family member and through that recommendation, several of us have become clients! Awesome massage, only sorry I didn't find him sooner!

July 19, 2017, Andrew G. Erik is a fantastic massage therapist. I've worked with many therapists over the years, and I'm not sure I've ever had better then Erik. He combines massage with thorough mobility work to actually get REAL results. Highly recommend!

February 16, 2018, Steve H. Erik is amazing. He's saved me from having shoulder surgery--worth the price of a massage. While there will be relaxing parts of your treatment time, expect Erik to work your body. He's not going to just rub you, he's going to go deep to fix the problems causing you pain -- if that's what the problem needs. Other times, he'll use a method that has a light touch that moves just a particular layer of the body to release the pain. Erik will make you feel comfortable. No need to be nervous. Book time with him, it's worth it.

October 17, 2017, Terri M. I was looking for a deep tissue massage on short notice and got better than I bargained for. I have more range of motion in my shoulders than I've had in years after the treatment, plus stretches I can do at home to keep it up. Excellent experience.

October 17, 2017, Joanne K. Erik Owen is a find!! After just one session I already feel a release of pain that I've been trying to deal with for months. I know I've found the right person to get to the root of my problem. He knows what he's doing. This is not a fu fu massage. 

July 15, 2017, Christin H. Ok, I've had massage since my early teens. I go regularly, Erik blew me away. What a gift he has. I live out of state but will be a regular customer, the best EVER!

September 4, 2017, Heidi S. Thanks to Erik my mother is doing better after receiving six massages from Erik. He is very friendly, outgoing, easy to talk to and knows his business. It was a joy to have him in our home.

August 30, 2017, Kenneth S. Best Massage I've ever had, really found the problems and worked on them.

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